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Signs Your Heat Pump Gone Bad

The heat pump is an important part of your heating system. Without a good pump, you won’t enjoy the warm comforts that your heater normally provides and that’s only one of the many issues this problem causes. Pay attention to the signs that you need heat pump repairs durham nc and call a professional at the first sign of trouble. When you call a professional when you notice a problem, it reduces the risk of breakdown and that you will experience the headaches that come with a heat pump breakdown. Signs that your heat pump has gone bad:

heat pump repairs durham nc

1.    Frequent Repairs: If you find the need to repair your heat pump on a frequent basis you should consider replacing it. The heat pump is designed to keep the home comfortable throughout the year but when they wear out, you can only replace it to get back the efficient that you need. More than two repairs per year signals the need to call someone for help.

2.    Age: How old is the heat pump in your home? When the unit has reached 15- 20 years old, it has maxed its lifetime and it is probably a good idea to replace it before major trouble occurs. Sometimes there are no other problems but it is nonetheless ideal to replace the unit before trouble starts.

3.    Output Drop: If the output drops, you probably have parts within the unit that have worn out and need to be replaced. This will also cause your heat pump to work harder to provide the same results so it will wear out a lot sooner and may need more frequent repairs as such.

Notice these signs of heat pump failure? Call in a professional who can make the repair the right way before you endure the headaches of a malfunctioning unit.

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